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She was born in Buenos Aires (Argentina).

She teaches Spiritual Exercises to make Decisions.

She coordinates group and personal Spiritual Retreats.

She is Head of Transcendental Meditation and Reflection, with Jesuit training, Coordinator in Religious Pluralism non Christian Religions, Hinduism, Zen, Buddhism, and Judaism, Teacher of Gnoseology, Philosophy and Christian Metaphysics, Teacher of Methods of Prayer. She has studied Jesuit doctrine and acolyte studies.

She has been a Seminarist of Jesuit Enneagram. This is a model or technique for the study and analysis of the different types of human characters.

She is a Reiki Cristico teacher. She has delivered courses, workshops, lectures, seminaries in different places of Argentina and other countries.

She has been the co-writer of several books of spirituality.

She is a regular contributor of magazines and programmes, and the producer of the project From the East to the West (De Oriente a Occidente), in which she initiated Reiki Cristico Spiritual therapy.







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