Path to the sacred

The Method

Path to the Sacred
I propose the following method of meditation which will unable your religion, whichever it may be, to fossilize you, and will provide you with the possibility of having a “spiritual experience” and serve your spiritual growth. The Holy Spirit is something alive and dynamic, not fixed and immovable.

When I talk about the Method, I refer to the different techniques and knowledge that lead you to unite with God.

The method I propose is called Path to the Sacred, it is divided in three stages, and it is a way to induce you to climb every step, step by step.

The first steps are the most superficial and basic ones, they are the foundation that will help you build the spirit’s life; then, as you move forward, you will start penetrating in increasingly more spiritual and profound realities.

When I talk about the Method, I refer to the different techniques and knowledge that lead you to unite with God.

Nothing you will find can substitute the effects meditation has in your life, because it allows you to realign your mind according to its natural structure. Things return to their rightful place, to their true nature, there is a before and after in meditation: you will no longer be the same person.
As you walk the path you will be climbing, evolving, you will no longer see yourself as solely a biological being, an animal species, you will pass toward the psychological dimension, and later to the spiritual one.
You will become aware of the depth of your existence; it is not that you do not have it and do not know it, but that you see it from a different point of view, from the qualities of love and the conscience.
But before that, you will pass through the silence, a silence so absolute, so profound, that Orientals say that you need to have courage to be in that silence. A Christian Oriental of the VII century expressed it this way: “May the remembrance of Jesus be one with your breathing, and you will see the fruit of silence and solitude”
The silence is the door to the union; it is the place where the existing separation between your spirit and God dissolves.
And only there, you feel the love.
I am not referring to the word love, applied to all kinds of emotional feelings.
The love I refer to is, the LOVE that John mentions in the Bible: “God is Love”.
When you reach that stage you will leave the method.
And will be able to say: I meditate.